Your generous donation will ...

CanSerra Group TBay logo.png

... make bricks

Zinc FinishingMr_edited.jpg

... pay a craftsperson


... provide cement

StudentAminata Sesay.jpg

... purchase school uniforms - if you don't have one, you can't go to school! It's the law!

Teacher in action_edited.jpg

... pay

feeding program.webp

... fill bellies

textbooks (1).jpg

... bring textbooks into classrooms

school supplies.jpg

... give school supplies

chalk board.jpg

... put blackboards up

desk and bench for 2.jpg

... provide desks


... give schlorships

Bassie and school children.jpg

... put  smiles on children's faces ...

smile face.png

... and a put a smile on yours!

Yes! I want to make a difference!

If you wish to pay by cheque contact us and we'll provide you with our mailing address. To save administration costs, tax receipts are only issued to eligible donations of $100 or more. Please note that Paypal takes 3% from your donation so if you can pay directly via check - we appreciate it!

Thank you!