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CanSerra Development Organization is a registered National Non-Governmental Organization (NNGO) based in Sierra Leone. Founded in 2009, our grassroots organization promotes education in marginalized communities in Sierra Leone. Founder and international director, Bassie Kargbo, is a committed developmental icon and philanthropist. His love and passion for helping the poor and needy has brought education and brighter futures to thousands of children in Kissi Town and Waterloo in Sierra Leone. 

About Us

Blaine Hill.jpg

I have had the pleasure to work with Bassie Kargbo and the Canserra group for the last three years. We have contributed to the completion of the primary school. Our donations helped with painting the exterior, new windows, classroom benches, and outdoor latrines. As well as the primary school, we have set up two post-secondary scholarships. In addition to these worthwhile causes, we have provided several school feedings. I look forward to working with Bassie and the Canserra group in the future.

~ Blaine Hill, teacher

Since arriving in Thunder Bay, Canada, as a sponsored newcomer from Sierra Leone in 2005, Bassie Kargbo has raised a family here and at the same time dedicated years to rebuilding the education system in Sierra Leone by starting schools for needy children. My husband and I, other family members and friends, Port Arthur Rotary and First Presbyterian Church, as well as many others, have helped Bassie promote education in Sierra Leone by building schools for youth from grade one to high school graduation. He is accomplishing great things and we, as teachers, are happy to provide financial donations to help him in these efforts. We welcome you to join us!                                ~Wendy and Brian Vistorino

Wendy and Brian.jpeg

I was so impressed by the work all are doing to improve the schools in Sierra Leone.

On my recent visit, I was able to witness firsthand the excellent efforts that are being made by all stakeholders.

As a previous School Board Member in the Inland Empire of California, I understand how important it is to focus on children’s education.

It is my goal to continue to support the efforts of Canserra and many other Schools in Sierra Leone.

At the moment, I have also paid for 5 different school feeding programs for this year in Canserra and will be visiting the school again some months away from now when my schedule permits.

Gods blessings for all you guys do !!!

~ Wraymond Sawyerr

The wonderful people in our organization who make things happen!

Bassie .jpg

Bassie Kargbo

Founder and Director

Bassie has put his heart and soul into transforming the lives of his fellow Sierra Leoneans. Before CanSerra was created, there were few or no schools for the children in Mabureh, Kalangba and Kissi Town. His selfless dedication has changed this and brought a brighter future to many! Thank you, Bassie!

Contracting manAbdul Y. Mansaray.jpg

Abdul Y Mansaray

Carpenters, Masons, etc. 

If you want to know how to do it the very best way - Abdul's your man! He may look young but Abdul has loads of experience and expertise in building schools. From the foundation up, Abdul's dedication to creating schools is A+!

Plastering man Alie Bangura.jpg

Alie Bangura


Alie is a man of many talents, it just so happens that on picture day we caught him working with the plaster making a smooth finish to our school's exterior. Seems appropriate though since Alie is one smooth dude!

Mabinty (2).jpg



Mabinty is a woman of many talents! She is amazing at stretching a dollar and making it go further than anyone can imagine! She is also an encourager, supporter, and downright wonderful lady! We wouldn't be where we are without her!

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Zinc FinishingMr. Ernest.jpg

Mr. Ernest


Ernest is another one of our dedicated workers who is full of talents. From the ground up, Mr. Ernest knows what to do and how to do it!


Our workers

Carpenters, Masons, etc. 

What a team! Behind every school is a team of dedicated workers! Don't let the silliness of the photo fool you - each and everyone of our workers is serious about building our schools from start to finish.

Wendy and Brian.jpeg

Wendy and Brian Vistorino


Wendy and Brian know how to stretch a dollar and make the most of every donation we receive. And as retired teachers they know the value of education. We could not be who we are and do what we do without them! 

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Grant Vistorino (2).jpg

Grant Vistorino


Grant is one of our important donors who provides valuable insight and advice on our projects. We're humbled by his generosity and inspired by his faith in our organization. 



Website designer

Donna is not a website designer. She is a gardener, pet hugger, and flower sniffer. If you can find a mistake in our website, Donna asks that you contact her and then make a $100 donation to Canserra. 


Wraymond Sawyerr


Wraymond is one of those people who is always bursting with energy. As a retired School Board Member he has a passion for helping children and seeing that their futures are changed through education. The children love his kind and gentle heart and always look forward to his visits.

smile face.png


Supporter and Friend

You are an important part of our team. Without you the bricks couldn't be made, the walls made, the tin set on the roofs, or the classrooms filled with kids and books and teachers. Thank You for all that You do!

Our Vision

Enriching the lives of the orphaned and less privileged children and families through education and health support in marginalized communities in Sierra Leone.

Our Mission

Improving, encouraging, and enriching the lives of the orphaned and less privileged children and families in Sierra Leone through the development of educational facilities.

Our Values

  • Transparency, accountability, & trust

  • Team work 

  • Inclusiveness and equality

  • Integrity

  • Transforming lives through education