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CanSerra PenPal Program

Attention Educators!

CanSerra's PenPal Program is the perfect way for your class to connect with students in Sierra Leone and learn about this beautiful country! It's also a great way to develop empathy and encourage the acceptance of another person's culture and beliefs. 

How it works:

1. Provide us with the grade(s) that you teach, a class list of your students (first names only please), and your email address, and we'll pair your class with a class of the same age and grade level in Sierra Leone.
2. Within approximately one month we'll email your class individualized letters from the students in Sierra Leone, written to each of your students.
3. Provide us with written responses from your students and we'll email them to the students in Sierra Leone.
4. Depending on the response time, you can anticipate up to 4 sets of letters being exchanged within the school year!

Use these easy to download and copy
teaching resources to enhance your
students' learning  experience!







Contact us HERE to get started today!

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