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 Community Projects 

CanSerra has sent over 10 shipping containers of items including computers, clothing, soccer gear, bicycles, shoes, school bags, tables, chairs, and medical items over the past 10 years.

Bikes without Borders

Bicycles for Humanity

We will continue to partner with BWB and Bikes for Humanity and send bikes to children and youth living in rural Sierra Leone. These bicycles allow children to travel to schools, often located miles from their homes, and ensures

every child is given the opportunity to succeed.

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Bicycles for Humanity.jpg

Bicycles for Humanity Thunder Bay

Bikes without Borders in Sierra Leone

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sew on fire.png

School Bags Drive


Sew On Fire

Each year we distribute hundreds of school bags from Sew on Fire to students at CanSerra schools and other communities

in Sierra Leone. 

We organize donations to help new born babies at hospital maternity wards.


Helping New Born Babies

computers for school.jpg

Computers for School

Every year, we work hard to provide schoolbags and school supplies to hundreds of our students in our school communities.

We can do more!

Imagine ...

computer lab.jpg

... a Computer Lab 

vocational training school.JPG

... and a Vocational
Training Centre


 ... a Science Lab 

We can do it
with your help!

Click below to make dreams come true!

I want to make a difference!

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